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Igniting Business with Data Analytics

“AnswerRocket … made it easier for our employees, including myself, to be curious about the facts in our business.”
— Adam Levy, President of SnapAV

SnapAV is a manufacturer and exclusive distributor of high-quality products designed for and by audio/video installation professionals. The company directly serves the continental US and indirectly serves international customers via distribution partners.

The Challenge

Curiosity is a vital part of SnapAV’s culture. Adam Levy, president, wants his team continuously exploring ways to improve their company performance, but their business intelligence methods made those efforts a challenge. If someone wanted to study an aspect of their business, it required pulling in a technical analyst.

“It might be a couple of hours, it might take a couple of days,” Levy said.

Sometimes they would not bother asking their questions, because they were not sure the payoff would be worthwhile.

SnapAV needed help democratizing their data.

The Solution

AnswerRocket was installed for SnapAV’s category managers, as well as their marketing and finance groups. We pulled in more than 45 million rows of data from their SAP Business One system. Getting SnapAV set up only took three weeks from kickoff to launch.

AnswerRocket helped SnapAV uncover several trends in this business, including:

  • Customer churn: Based on buying patterns, which dealers were at risk of leaving SnapAV?
  • Sales frequency: Which categories of products are ordered most often?
  • Cross-sell opportunities: Which products are often purchased closely together?
  • New product adoption: How quickly are customers moving from closeout products to their replacements?
SnapAV is a featured customer of AnswerRocket.

The Results

With AnswerRocket, Levy estimates 80–90% of those data requests can now be answered in seconds. Even better, they can be done by the business experts themselves when a question or idea comes up.

Beyond saving SnapAV a considerable amount of time, AnswerRocket has helped the team quickly identify and act upon significant revenue opportunities. Learn how SnapAV’s curiosity led to a $1M revenue discovery.

Today, Levy and team use AnswerRocket daily to answer their business questions. The easy-to-understand user interface and search-like experience makes analytics a breeze.