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How Does AnswerRocket Work?

AnswerRocket empowers you to ask business questions in natural language and get answers in seconds. Instantly tap into your data to set an informed, proactive business strategy, rather than waiting on a monthly report to guide a reactive decision-making process.

Join the Future of Data and Analytics

AI and Machine Learning

Our Boosters sift through thousands of variables to pinpoint your biggest opportunities and see how you’re doing compared to the competition.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access your analytics on desktop or mobile. Ask questions by typing or speaking.

Dynamic Charts & Dashboards

Create visualizations on the fly from natural language questions. Build dashboards automatically.

Our Partners & Customers

Our users come from a range of industries, from consumer goods to media and entertainment and lots in between. We’re proud of the diversity of our customers and aim to serve them better through strategic partnerships with companies like Nielsen.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Data at Their Fingertips

Hear how AnswerRocket has transformed the way work gets done throughout SnapAV, from their executives to their marketing analysts.

Learn more about how this transformation resulted in the discovery of a $1 million revenue opportunity.

Insights in the Palms of Their Hands

Actionable insights are key at Unilever. AnswerRocket’s automated machine learning capabilities have equipped Unilever’s team with the fast, comprehensive insights they need.

Learn more about Unilever’s push for AI in marketing and product innovation and how AnswerRocket has helped.

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