How AI Can Launch CPGs into the Next 5 Years

CPG Expert Ada Gil Explains How CPGs Can Win at the Shelf with AI

By Addie Lawrence

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Do you have 20 minutes? Then this short-and-sweet webinar is for you.

CPGs and FMCGs are facing an uncertain future. With giants like Amazon shaking up the market and increasingly complex customer journeys, it’s important that CPGs invest in reaching and connecting with consumers.

In this webinar, How AI Can Launch CPGs into the Next 5 Years, CPG expert Ada Gil leverages her 10+ years experience as a leader in companies like Unilever and Coca-Cola.

As Ada explains, answering simple questions like “why are sales down” is a challenging process without AI:

“With leveraging AI, we can really get to the root cause of what’s driving your business in minutes. Before leveraging AI, it took me and the people I work with a lot of time to get to the answer and a lot of resources— too many people working on the same thing. It took a few days, even.”

Ada describes a vivid picture of business people on the frontlines (i.e marketers, salespeople, category managers, etc.) spending valuable time and energy trying to figure out what happened last quarter. This time could instead be directed toward active strategizing, launching new campaigns, and real-time performance evaluations.

Ada breaks down how AI can change this dynamic and help CPGs gain a competitive edge for the future.

Learn more by watching our webinar, How AI Can Launch CPGs Into the Next 5 Years.