Analytics for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Gaining Insights at the Speed of Search

Case Study: Fortune Global 150 CPG Company

When a leading consumer goods company sought to identify growth opportunities more quickly, they turned to us. Learn how we are helping their Consumer Insights team quickly answer critical questions such as:

  • How is Brand X performing in supermarkets versus online?
  • How are my competitors performing, by brand?
  • What should we do to gain market share?

Analytics for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

AnswerRocket is simple to use – no technical expertise needed.

Consumer Insights

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Supply Chain

Webinar: Finding CPG Growth With AI

Tired of spending 30 minutes – or more – to answer simple questions with POS and syndicated data? Watch our webinar and learn how to leverage the latest advances in artificial intelligence to get insights in seconds.
  • Pair AI with multiple data sources for more comprehensive analysis.
  • Understand market penetration through augmented analytics.
  • Better understand the state of your business and develop actionable insights within seconds.