AnswerRocket Featured in Gartner Guide

AnswerRocket featured by Gartner Market Guide for Augmented Analytics in 2022

By Meagan Bryson

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Gartner works with over 100 businesses in more than 100 countries providing actionable, objective insights to executives and their teams. One of the ways they offer insights to business teams is through their industry specific reports on third-party solutions. 

In the 2022 Market Guide for Augmented Analytics, Gartner featured AnswerRocket as a selected vendor in their sample of offerings in the marketplace. 

The introduction to the report highlights the importance augmented analytics solutions: 

“Capabilities that automate data preparation, insight generation and multi-persona collaboration put analytics and business intelligence and data science and machine learning platforms on a collision course. Data and analytics leaders must democratize decision making by adopting augmented analytics.

Regarding the solutions chosen for the report,

“The vendors listed in this research were picked as a sample based on having augmented analytics offerings in at least one of the following three categories (as described in the Market Analysis section): analytics and business intelligence platforms, capability-centric and domain-centric. Client interest, previous Gartner research and market presence factored into the selection of the featured vendors*.”

AnswerRocket was specifically highlighted for its Natural Language Query capabilities. This feature allows non-technical users to explore data by asking questions in plain English instead of complex SQL queries. 

Furthermore, AnswerRocket provides the answers in interactive visualizations and insights narratives that are easy for anyone to understand and dig deeper into if needed.

To view the full report, users will need access to, the direct link to the research document is: Market Guide for Augmented Analytics (

*Gartner, “Market Guide for Augmented Analytics,” David Pidsley, 11 October 2022