Infographic: Winning with Augmented Analytics

Infographic: Winning with Augmented Analytics

Winning with Augmented Analytics

What is Augmented Analytics?

Augmented analytics uses enabling technologies such as machine learning, AI, and natural language generation to assist with data preparation, insight generation, and insight explanation. The combination of these technologies augments how people explore and analyze data in analytics and BI platforms.

Analytics Workflow with AI

  • Data Prep- Makes all your critical data accessible in one place
  • Querying- Allows you to ask questions using plain English
  • Analysis- Performs thorough analysis to answer your questions
  • Visualizations- Produces optimized interactive visualizations
  • Insights- Generates natural language narratives and insights to highlight key findings

Automate Routine Analysis

What if you could automate your weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports? AnswerRocket is pioneering the use of augmented analytics to automate entire analytics workflows. Our purpose-driven RocketBots leverage machine learning to perform analysis that typically take analysts days or weeks to complete in a matter of seconds.

Proactively Generated Insights

RocketBots deliver around-the-clock insights to keep you informed about your business performance. Insights generated include:

  • Summary
  • Trend
  • Forecast
  • Growth
  • Outliers
  • Correlation
  • CAGR
  • YOY Comparison

5 Ways AI Improves Data Analysis 

1. Reduces the time it takes to run analysis
Powerful machine learning algorithms can analyze an entire data warehouse in seconds or minutes, instead of days or weeks.

2. Embeds a standard, best practice approach to analysis
Unbiased AI mitigates the risk of assumptions and analyzes every data combination, so nothing is missed.

3. Uncovers more valuable insights at a higher volume
AI surfaces hidden insights in the data, explaining “why” and “how” with complete data narratives.

4. Enables analysts to act as valued advisors
Instead of querying and merging disparate data sources, analysts can leverage their advanced skill sets to help their internal customers set strategy.

5. Empowers decision-makers with answers on demand
AI enables proactive decision-making with fast, actionable insights that pinpoint root causes.

Ready to leverage augmented analytics for your company? AnswerRocket can help.

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