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So Much Data, Too Little Time

The customer journey is becoming increasingly complex, and consumer behavior is shifting as brand loyalty fluctuates. Yet, companies have access to more data than ever before.

For brand managers, sifting through enormous amounts of product, customer, and sales data to uncover insights can be a challenge, especially when this data is siloed in disparate sources.

The process of painstakingly running analysis and wrangling data into visualizations to hunt for insights is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Add in constraints on analytics resources, and many brand managers end up with insights bottlenecks that cause days- or weeks-long delays in getting their questions answered (which means initiatives like product innovation can be riskier).

With so much data at your fingertips, how do brand managers make decisions about brand analysis or cpg market research?

What if brand analysis could be performed instantaneously across all of your data sources with AI? What if the insights gleaned were highly relevant, illustrative, and actionable?

Automated Brand Analysis 

With AnswerRocket’s automated analysis, brand managers can spend their time:

  • Driving brand performance.
  • Creating marketing strategies.
  • Acting on the story the data is telling.

No more struggling with cumbersome analytics.

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Activate Your Data With Ease

AnswerRocket flexibly connects to a variety of data sources, enabling a more comprehensive view of your business.

Through an intuitive interface supported by natural language processing, brand managers can ask business questions in plain English and receive polished data visualizations and accurate answers in seconds.

Understand cpg market share with AnswerRocket's bots.

Understand Market Share

AnswerRocket’s Market Share Researcher automates complex, deep dive analysis to identify and break down the key drivers that determine your performance against your competitors.

Have you ever wondered how your brand’s pricing strategy affects your market share, or how your distribution compares to your competition?

Market Share Researcher evaluates which factors contribute the most to market share gains and losses, quantifying the business impact in dollars. With this comprehensive analysis, brand managers are well-positioned to prioritize the growth opportunities with the greatest potential to gain market share.

Analyze Brand Health

Understanding your brand’s health is a continual challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. AnswerRocket’s Brand Health Researcher analyzes your data in-depth, exploring all possibilities without bias to pinpoint the drivers behind your brand’s performance.

Brand managers are presented with detailed explanations and insights that highlight trends, relationships and anomalies that might otherwise go undetected.

With AnswerRocket, you can easily get a full picture of how your brand is doing so you can prioritize the actions that will generate the most ROI.

Perform brand analysis with AnswerRocket's bots.

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