Transform CPG Analytics with AnswerRocket: Max, the AI Assistant for Accelerated Insights

By Meagan Bryson In this interview, Ryan Goodpaster, Enterprise Account Executive at AnswerRocket, highlights our focus on helping customers obtain rapid insights from their enterprise data. We do this by using advanced techniques such as natural language processing, natural language generation, AI, machine learning, model integration, and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). Specializing in consumer goods, AnswerRocket’s expertise extends to uncovering …

Discover AnswerRocket: Unlocking the Power of AI for Your Enterprise Data Analysis

By Meagan Bryson We talked to our own Ryan Goodpaster, Enterprise Accounts, and discussed how AnswerRocket utilizes natural language processing, AI, machine learning, and GPT to help customers gain rapid insights from their enterprise data. AnswerRocket aims to tackle the challenge of time-consuming data analysis and empower analysts to focus on strategic decision-making.   Watch the video below or read …

Your company needs more curious employees.

Your Company Needs More Toddlers

Ask questions. Be curious. Don’t just assume you know the answers – because with the speed of business today, the answers you had a few months ago might now be different.

Analyzing Movie Data Sets

The Academy Awards are soon, and that has us our office in the mood for movies. The problem is that not everybody shares the same opinions.

Resolve to Become More Data Driven

You may have resolved to make your organization more focused on business intelligence and analytics. But how do you ensure this becomes part of your team’s culture?