Understand KPI Changes with Driver Analysis

By Meagan Bryson How many times have you reviewed a report and dashboard and wondered why a metric has gone up or down? Staying on top of your business key performance indicators (KPIs) is challenging. When metrics shift, it takes time, effort, and guesswork to figure out what might be driving changes in the business. This headache is exasperated when …

Panel Data Insights: Key to Unlocking Growth

By Meagan Bryson Do you ever feel like you’re running in circles trying to unlock growth? We know the challenges that category and brand managers face to deliver sustainable, profitable brand performance. Using CPG analytics to find positive trends and actionable consumer insights can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be! By leveraging panel data, smart marketers are able …

An explanation of storytelling with data.

Data Storytelling – Explained

Storytelling with Data is the method of taking complicated data analyses and presenting them in an easy-to-consume format for all data users. Learn More.