Insights from your analytics platform can drastically improve your performance in the consumer goods space.

Consumer Goods Getting Better Insights With AI

By Amy Chisam

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The consumer packaged goods space is shifting. Demographics are changing, as are shopping preferences. As we explain in our comprehensive guide on the topic of CPGs, “Consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) face a number of challenges ranging from changing demographics to evolving shopper preferences to the rise of omni-channel competition. In reaction to these challenges and many more, forward-thinking CPGs are investing in analytics platforms that give them a winning edge.”

In our latest webinar, How CPGs Can Use AI to Find Growth, AnswerRocket VP of Sales & Marketing Pete Reilly shared how these shifts can be mitigated through augmented analytics. Consumer insights leaders, brand managers, and marketers can use machine learning and AI to more quickly identify growth opportunities and react in the marketplace.

“A competitive advantage is gained by how you uniquely combine AI and data elements to find growth faster than the competition,” said Pete.

Account Executive Ryan Goodpaster demonstrated AnswerRocket’s latest AI capabilities.

“We’re taking the data, we’re running a bunch of statistical modeling and analysis, and on the front end, we’re using AI to parse natural language,” Ryan explained.

“With every question we return, we’re also using AI to generate insights, easy to digest and understand by a less technical user. What’s going on in the data, what does it mean to me, what should I be getting out of this?”

Ryan also shared how to combine point-of-sale data with syndicated data to show how CPG brands are doing against their competitors.

Watch our webinar, "How CPGs can use AI to find growth," and discover how our analytics platform can transform your business.

Watch the replay of our webinar, and request a demo if you’d like to learn more about AnswerRocket’s capabilities.