11 CPG Industry Trends to Anticipate in 2020

Check out this TDWI report on digital transformation with AI and machine learning.

If you’re not thinking ahead, you’re behind. As 2020 approaches, CPGs need to know the trends that are shaping the industry. Backed by data and industry-leading expertise, these top 11 trends reveal the changing CPG landscape and how you can capitalize on upcoming growth opportunities. Download the whitepaper today to get ahead of the 2020 curve.

Check out the trends whitepaper to learn:

  • 75% of CPG companies planned to spend more on _____.
  • Every click or choice a customer must make to purchase a CPG product online causes _____% to abandon the process.
  • AI and analytics could add $_____ to total output by 2030, increasing the rate of global GDP by more than ____ percentage point.

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