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Our users come from many different industries. What do they have in common? Each recognized the importance of quickly gaining actionable insights about their business.

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Provided 100s of analysts
AI-powered insights from POS and syndicated data.

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Discovered a $1 million opportunity within minutes.

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Helped the Consumer Insights team at the global beauty company automate analysis.

$3 Billion Credit Reporting Agency

Sped up sales cycles and quickly identified growth opportunities.

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Provided self-service analytics to underwriters and branch managers visiting agencies.

Studied millions of players’ preferences to enhance their video game designs.

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Top 10 Oil & Gas Company

Developed self-service solution using loyalty/marketing data.
Leading Luxury
Apparel Brand

Enabled top clothing designer to better understand performance in their new retail stores.
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Sped up analytics by allowing sales team to ask their own ad hoc questions instead of waiting on technical help.

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Launched analytics within four weeks, in time for their busiest photography season.

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$2 Billion International Pharmaceutical
Made doctor referral data instantly available to international salesforce.

Top 50 Consumer Brand

Enabled marketers to analyze loyalty program data in seconds.

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