To run a successful loyalty program, the team needed faster insights that would help them better understand customer churn and purchasing behavior to create more effective promotions.

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The Food Service Rewards Story

Working with over 60,000 restaurants and 350 food manufacturers, Food Service Rewards is the industry’s largest loyalty program. Chefs earn rewards for the products they buy from distributors like Sysco and US Foods, while manufacturers like Tyson and Unilever gain downstream visibility into customer purchase patterns.

Churn Analysis with AnswerRocket

In this in-depth testimonial, Tiger Beaudoin, Founder, describes how AnswerRocket helps his team understand who their end-using customers are, how much they buy, how often they buy, and how broadly they buy across their portfolio.

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“The biggest benefit of AnswerRocket is the time saved every week. Now the whole team can answer their own queries instead of having to wait for an answer to come back from corporate.”

Tiger Beaudoin, Founder, Food Service Rewards

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