National Beverage needed to perform complex analysis like SKU rationalization while generating insights that business people could understand intuitively.

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The National Beverage Story

One of the largest soft drink companies in the US, National Beverage is an innovative, healthier refreshment company with a distinctive portfolio of sparkling waters, juices, and carbonated soft drinks.

How Teams Use AnswerRocket

In this testimonial, Jim Schariest, Business Intelligence Manager, describes how AnswerRocket helps him save time and costs, work efficiently, and get to impactful sales strategies sooner.

“AnswerRocket helps me on a daily basis with account analytics. It consolidates our account review, which helps us get to our SKU rationalization by way of quadrant analysis, and through that quadrant analysis we understand how products are performing and we can build actionable recommendations to our clients, better manage their portfolios, and utilize best-in-class metrics to help ourselves and the category grow.”

Jim Schariest, Business Intelligence Manager

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