Following a series of mergers, SnapAV needed better self-serve analytics empowered by natural language, instead of outdated business intelligence tools with a steep learning curve.

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The SnapAV Story

SnapAV is the industry-leading manufacturer and retailer of A/V, surveillance, control, networking, and remote management products for professionals. Here’s how they’ve gained a competitive advantage with AnswerRocket.

How Teams Use AnswerRocket

In this in-depth testimonial, Eric Harper, EVP of Global Product Development, describes how AnswerRocket alleviates “the pain and suffering of the manual way of doing things” across departments.

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Encouraging Curiosity

President Adam Levy explains how AnswerRocket “made it easier for our employees, including myself, to be curious about the facts in our business.”

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“The ability to ask simple yet powerful natural language questions has been a real game-changer for our teams internally. With AnswerRocket, we’ve empowered our entire organization to self-serve with data and analysis in a way that they never could before with our old
tools. So it leads them beyond just simple reporting into truly actionable insights.”

Eric Harper, EVP Global Product Marketing

How AnswerRocket Integrates with Snowflake

Barrett Schiwitz, EVP of Integration and Innovation, explains how AnswerRocket easily integrated with Snowflake during a fast and successful adoption process.

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