Data-Driven Decision Making to Wow Your Boss

By Chris Spears, Chief Marketing Technology Officer of Arke Systems

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Organizations are seeking to make more data-driven decisions. Competition and increased consumer expectations have left little room for guesswork. Every decision must now be backed by data.

A survey conducted by Applied Predictive Technologies and the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 42% of leaders describe important management decisions as being data-driven, versus 10% who described them as being intuitive. In another survey when marketers were asked, “If you could change your marketing team’s culture, what qualities would you like to see more of?” 52% said they wanted data and analysis-driven decision making.

Organizations are often placed in positions where decisions must be made promptly. Sifting through months or even years of data can seem daunting. In steps AnswerRocket and Arke.

Powerful Search Analytics Meets Marketing Technology

Arke and AnswerRocket recently teamed up to show you how to gain insights on your digital marketing data. Arke is a marketing technology partner working with brands like Mizuno USA and Herschend Family Entertainment to co-create the best customer experiences with proven technological know-how. AnswerRocket is a powerful search analytics tool that makes data presentation as easy as a Google search. You type a question, get an answer, and make better business decisions based on your own data.

How did this technology match happen?

I was with a client when I first heard the name AnswerRocket. The client needed a powerful tool for their natural language search analytics. The gears started turning, and I realized how Arke and AnswerRocket could empower organizations in being data-driven with tools that were already collecting information. Fast forward a bit and AnswerRocket and Arke teamed up at Arke’s Marketing Technology South event. Watch our video above to see us put leading customer experience management platform Sitecore to the test.

Improve Customer Experience With Compelling Integrations

What’s so dynamic about AnswerRocket is its ability to integrate with other powerful tools. It’s like taking your favorite search engine and plugging it into any tool already collecting data like a CRM or CMS. These integrations have the potential to influence sales, marketing, and operations.

For example, with a robust CMS like Sitecore, marketing teams can view interactions, conversions, page visits, and much more. Sure, you could see some of that information in Google Analytics. But what if you wanted to easily see an aggregation of the value per visit by channel? You can’t just type that into Google Analytics and magically have an answer – but you can with AnswerRocket. It can even dive deeper if you’re using Sitecore to personalize content, track campaigns, and see data insights in real-time. With AnswerRocket and Sitecore, you can create a customer experience born from concrete data insights.

How Can You Get Started?

The key takeaway is smart business decisions are derived from data. It’s the only concrete evidence anyone in any organization has if they want to meet their goals. If you’re interested in seeing a demo of AnswerRocket and Arke in action, check out our video above!

Davide D’Amico CC BY

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