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E-commerce businesses bring speed and convenience to consumers— why should your analytics platform be any different? AnswerRocket automates analysis of KPIs and generates deep insights on customers, products, and distribution in seconds, anytime and anywhere.
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Growth: Avg. basket size has declined across all segments by an average of $4.10

Get data summaries from e-commerce analytics.

Summary: The average promo redemption value per basket $3.55

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BI analysts can succeed with e-commerce analytics.

BI Analysts

Access your data in one centralized location, and query your entire data warehouse in seconds. Automate insight generation for specific roles, departments, and people.

Category managers can succeed with e-commerce analytics.

Category Managers

Automate analysis of category sales, get quick insights on customer behavior, and pinpoint merchandising trends in seconds.

Consumer insights leaders can succeed with e-commerce analytics.

Consumer Insights Leaders

Identify trends and opportunities that aren’t immediately apparent in your reports with deep insights that uncover the “why” behind the data on the surface.

Automate E-Commerce Analytics with RocketBots

Understand your e-commerce KPI drivers.

KPI Drivers

Assess business performance across various KPIs to identify top drivers & key opportunities.

Understand market share for e-commerce.

Market Share

Identify & break down market share performance drivers versus competitors on a variety of dimensions.

Understand trends for e-commerce.


Analyze performance over time to spot trends, outliers, seasonality, & forecast future performance.

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with Data Analytics

Learn how SnapAV is generating millions of dollars in revenue with AnswerRocket’s automated, intelligent insights designed for business leaders.

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