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Maximize growth with an AI-powered approach to financial services.

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The AI-Powered Solution
for Financial Services Leaders

Leaders in the financial services industry are tasked with analyzing complex data to inform critical decisions, from managing risk to forecasting sales to implementing strategic budget decisions. AnswerRocket’s AI-powered solution analyzes data rapidly, automating insight generation with increased accuracy, speed, and depth so that nothing is missed.
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Pareto: Top 3 of 27 (11%) branches (Buckhead, Decatur, Roswell) accounted for 20% of all accounts.

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Summary: Balances ranged from a low of $3.1M to a high of $6.7M across top 5 accounts

Make Faster, More Informed Decisions

A financial planning analyst

Financial Planning Analyst

Get tailored, deep data insights in seconds to lead operational, financial, and strategic decision-making.

A business controller

Business Controller

Perform financial analysis with unparalleled speed and get automated insights that guide sales forecasting and financial risk management.

A market risk analyst

Market Risk Analyst

Research the probability of asset loss or reward with ease with automated insights delivered on demand.

Automate Financial Services Analytics with RocketBots

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Financial Health

Analyze financial data to reveal the core contributors driving your revenue & profit.

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“What If” Scenarios

Simulate different scenarios and understand the impact key decisions would have on your P&L.

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KPI Drivers

Assess business performance across a variety of KPIs to identify top drivers & opportunities.

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Analyze performance over time to spot trends, outliers, seasonality, & forecast future performance.

Customer Stories—
Financial Insights with Bottom-Line Impact

A $3 billion credit reporting agency needed to speed up the sales cycle and quickly identify growth opportunities. AnswerRocket delivered exactly what was needed.

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