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Studying consumer behavior used to be much simpler. Partly because data was difficult to obtain, so there wasn’t all that much to study. But also because customers didn’t have as many choices for how to spend their leisure time. Today, the explosion of content across a multitude of platforms means more data to study. That’s where AnswerRocket can help.

When content is available anywhere, you need AnswerRocket everywhere.

Study your customers’ journey across all platforms, with consolidated reporting.

Customer Spotlight: Hi-Rez Studios

“Our business is creative, so it’s hard to know how customers will respond to new content. But with AnswerRocket, we can quickly analyze things and make adjustments faster.”

– Stew Chisam, President of Hi-Rez Studios
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AnswerRocket's analytics platform helps Hi-Rez studios make better, faster decisions.

You don’t just have customers – you have fans. To truly understand their loyalty, habits, and tendencies, you need a flexible and fast BI solution.


Analyze customer demographics, determine average lifetime value, study recent purchases.


Evaluate launch dates, determine promotional impacts, forecast customer adoption.


Track digital adoption, measure cross-platform viewership, focus on behavior by time of day.

Take 90 seconds to see AnswerRocket’s capabilities for yourself.

Watch how easy it is to:

  • Connect your datasets to AnswerRocket
  • Develop business analytics through natural language questions
  • Save favorite reports as a dashboard

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Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.