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Consumers have more content and channel choices than ever before. Media and entertainment companies are challenged with catching—and keeping—consumers’ attention. That’s why AnswerRocket leverages machine learning to generate quick,  in-depth data insights that pinpoint the “how” and “why” in consumer behavior.
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Pareto: Top 3 of 27 (11%) branches (Buckhead, Decatur, Roswell) accounted for 20% of all accounts.

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Summary: Balances ranged from a low of $3.1M to a hight of $6.7M across top 5 accounts

Make Faster, More Informed Decisions

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Marketing Leaders

Outpace your competitors with deep, automated insights that tell the story on market share, KPI performance, trends and more.

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BI Analysts

Acccess your data in one centralized location, and query your entire data warehouse in seconds. Automate insight generation for specific roles, departments, and people. 

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Consumer Insights Leaders

Understand how consumers interact with your product and quickly gain insights on opportunities for new product development and emerging markets.

Automate Media & Entertainment Analytics with RocketBots

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KPI Drivers

Assess business performance across a variety of KPIs to identify top drivers & opportunities.

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Market Share

Identify and break down market share performance drivers versus competitors on a variety of  dimensions.

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Analyze performance over time to spot trends, outliers, seasonality, & forecast future performance.

Customer Stories—
Consumer Insights Are the Name of the Game

Hi-Rez Studios, a rapidly growing top 10 video game developer, needed better reporting tools to find actionable insights in their exponentially-increasing amounts of data. Enter AnswerRocket. Learn how AnswerRocket is driving impact worth millions of dollars.

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