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Your business generates so much critical data — products, categories, markets, customer segments, marketing channels, and more. To make this data a competitive advantage, you and your colleagues need a new kind of business intelligence tool. One that is powerful enough to return data visualizations within seconds — but simple enough for business users to quickly master.

Faster, Smarter Decision Making

Study your business more deeply than has ever been possible.

Customer Spotlight: SnapAV

SnapAV is generating millions of dollars in revenue, thanks to business intelligence insights from AnswerRocket.
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See how SnapAV saw success with AnswerRocket.

If “ad hoc reporting” at your company means “a special request that takes weeks to fulfill,” then welcome to the ease of self-service analytics.


Develop customer cohorts, study purchase tendencies, identify churn risk.


Create dashboards, evaluate forecasts, understand promotion impacts.


Compare category performance, track inventory, assess product returns.

Take 90 seconds to see AnswerRocket’s capabilities for yourself.

Watch how easy it is to:

  • Connect your datasets to AnswerRocket
  • Develop business analytics through natural language questions
  • Save favorite reports as a dashboard

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Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.

Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.