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Optimize operations with an AI-powered approach to data analytics for retail.

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The AI-Powered Solution
for Retail Leaders

Retailers generate so much critical data— products, categories, customer segments, channels, markets, and more. To turn this data into a competitive advantage, you need a fast analytics platform that draws your attention to the most important info about your KPIs. AnswerRocket provides actionable insights through automation, so you get critical info without having to wrangle your data.
Monthly Retail Returns

Correlation: The rate of return indicates strong correlation to recent price increases

Rewards Memberships by Store

Trend: Rewards membership sign ups are trending up 15% versus this time last year

Make Faster, More Informed Decisions

Category Manager

Category Manager

Outpace your competitors with fast, automated insights that help drive product pricing, marketing tactics, strategic promotions, and more.

Retail Planners

Retail Buyers

Proactively automate analysis so you can keep a pulse on market share, spot emerging trends, and identify where the best growth opportunities are.

Merchandise Planner

Merchandise Planner

Analyze merchandise performance, forecast sales and answer “what if?” questions in seconds, and get in-depth insights.

Automate Retail Analytics with RocketBots

Category Deep Dive Icon

Category Deep Dive

Assess category performance across a variety of KPIs to identify top drivers & opportunities.

Market Share Icon

Market Share

Identify & break down market share performance drivers versus competitors on a variety of dimensions.

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Analyze performance over time to spot trends, outliers, seasonality, & forecast future performance.

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