Meet Max, Your AI Assistant for Analytics

By Vivian Kim

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We are thrilled to introduce Max, the latest addition to AnswerRocket’s suite of augmented analytics solutions. Max is an AI assistant designed to make data analysis even more intuitive, efficient, and insightful. With Max, you can unlock the full potential of your data and turn it into actionable insights.

Max Integrates GPT-4 With AnswerRocket

Since Day 1, AnswerRocket’s mission has been to empower users to easily interact with and understand their data. To this end, our platform has always leveraged natural language search and natural language generation to make analytics accessible to business users, enabling them to ask questions and get answers without having to know SQL.

In November 2022, ChatGPT was launched. It quickly grew to reach millions of users with record-breaking speed. We were in awe of its language comprehension and saw ChatGPT’s underlying large language model (then GPT-3) as a powerful enabling technology to support our mission.  

With Max, we have integrated OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model into AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform. We’re using GPT-4 to augment our own natural language querying and generation capabilities–as well as our robust ontology of over 6,000 business concepts–all of which have been developed over the course of nearly 10 years. By bringing this all together, we’ve created a familiar, chat-based experience for exploring, analyzing, and uncovering valuable insights from data. With the scalability and security of the AnswerRocket enterprise solution.

Open AI GPT and AnswerRocket

Max integrates OpenAI’s GPT-4 with AnswerRocket

How Max Makes Data Analysis Easier

We believe an assistant like Max can empower even more business users to engage with their data better than ever before. It’s a tool for answering those ad-hoc questions that pop up throughout the day. But one that can also introduce you to more complex analysis in a friendly way. 


Max Home Screen


Here’s how Max helps to improve the data analysis experience:


More flexibility to ask questions in your own words

Similar to ChatGPT, you interact with Max just by chatting. What’s great is the increased flexibility you have to ask questions in a variety of ways, and in your own words. Max leverages GPT-4 here to understand the intent of your question, serving as the interpreter between users and the AnswerRocket platform. This allows even more robust question-asking, allowing for synonyms, abbreviations, misspellings, and more — with zero configuration. 

Natural Language Questions Examples

These 3 different questions yield the same answer in Max, despite the variations in phrasing.


Answers are clear and easy to understand

Max responds to your question with a narrative answer, calling out key insights found. Here, we leverage GPT-4 again as an interpreter–taking the data facts produced by AnswerRocket’s analysis and composing it into a concise summary. An accompanying data visualization and table round out the answer, allowing you to see the data in different ways. 

Example Max answer

Max answers questions with a detailed narrative and data visualizations


Max helps guide you toward forming good questions

When Max is unclear about what you want, it prompts you to provide the details needed. In this way, you don’t have to be a data expert or have deep knowledge about a dataset to be able to ask questions. 

Here, the user didn’t specify which metric they wanted to analyze, but Max was able to get the information required to return a meaningful answer.

Max asks you for additional clarification

Max prompts you for clarification to answer your question accurately


Transparency on analysis scope and assumptions

Max provides visibility and transparency into how questions were interpreted into analysis parameters. This helps give you confidence and trust in the answers. It can also help you troubleshoot and make adjustments when an answer doesn’t look quite how you expected.

Max Interpretation Panel

You can see how your question was interpreted by Max


Easy access to advanced analytics capabilities

Max is capable of leveraging AnswerRocket’s library of AI- and ML-powered analytics skills, RocketSkills. Max can help gently introduce users to advanced diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive capabilities organically within a conversation.

Here’s an example of our Driver Analysis RocketSkill, which uses machine learning to determine the drivers of a metric increase or decrease. 

Driver Analysis in Max

Max can run Driver Analysis to analyze metric changes


Accelerated data setup 

With Max, you can connect, prepare, and begin analyzing your data in minutes thanks to a streamlined data configuration experience powered by GPT-4 to support automated data classification, definitions, synonyms, and suggested questions. 

A key challenge of analysis is not knowing what data is available. A data dictionary view helps users understand what metrics and dimensions are contained in a dataset.

Max Data Dictionary

Use the data dictionary to understand your dataset


Ability to adapt to your preferences and feedback

The more you use it, the better Max gets at understanding how you like to look at your business, what visualizations you prefer, and what types of insights are most valuable to you. You train Max each time you provide clarifying guidance (like in the top 5 products example above) or give a thumbs up/down on an answer.

Max Feedback

Give Max feedback on answers to help improve your results


Ready to Give Max A Try?

We’re excited for you to try Max for yourself and experience analytics powered by GPT-4 in action. Currently, Max is in private preview, with plans for a general release in Q2 2023.

To request access to your own Max account, join our waitlist here.

To gain access sooner, schedule a consultation with our team to see a demo and discuss your analysis needs.