Mobile Analytics: Faster Answers on the Go

By Amy Chisam

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More and more of our professional lives are happening on mobile devices. A recent study by Wrike surveyed professionals in marketing, IT, finance, and human resources about their mobile usage. Their findings:

  • 72% work at least 1 hour per day “on the go”
  • 82% feel they save at least 1 hour per week by using their mobile devices for work
  • 44% check or use their mobile device 20+ times per day

We designed the mobile version of AnswerRocket for the modern business person. Maybe they’re answering a prospect’s spur-of-the-moment inquiry during a sales call. Or are out of the office and have been put on the spot with an analytics question. AnswerRocket can answer these ad hoc reporting questions within seconds.

Our mobile experience is Web-based, so it works with any device, operating system, and browser. Speak or type your questions, and see your response in the form of a graph or chart.

To see how AnswerRocket performs using a smartphone or tablet, watch our video. Request a custom demo to see how you can start using AnswerRocket anywhere, anytime, with your own data.

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