Sustainable Competitive Advantage with Augmented Analytics

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Sustainable competitive advantage with augmented analytics

Learn how Mondelez leverages AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics to perform COVID demand forecasting and seasonal pricing optimization, putting critical insights directly in the hands of decision-makers.

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“Through AI, we’re able to automate the production of those deep, timely insights. The user journey shifts from analyzing data to consuming content and using natural language search for follow-up questions. It’s very proactive as opposed to reactive.”

Abdul Raheem,
Chief Data Scientist, Mondelez

“Augmented Analytics means that I can ask easy questions and get sophisticated answers…[It’s] building a skill that can be applied again in the future and providing a very natural way of engaging with it.”

Mike Finley,
Chief Data Scientist, AnswerRocket

Why AnswerRocket?

AnswerRocket leverages AI and machine learning techniques to automate the hard work of business analysis, helping your company to make faster insights-driven decisions.

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