Nielsen & AnswerRocket

AnswerRocket is proud to be a Nielsen Connect Partner.

Get the Consumer Insights You Need & Find Growth Opportunities Fast

As a leading AI-powered analytics platform, AnswerRocket is uniquely positioned to help customers take full advantage of the data available to them. By joining the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, AnswerRocket can now offer customers an AI solution with seamless access to Nielsen data. With this unique combination of data and AI, customers can more quickly understand consumer demand and make better decisions faster.

What is the Nielsen Connect Partner Network?

Nielsen Connect Partner Network Logo

Nielsen, the global leader in consumer market data, designed the Connect Partner Network to offer partners and their customers access to its robust retail and shopper data. Through the collaboration, AnswerRocket users are able to blend Nielsen’s data with their own databases and additional third-party sources. By coupling the depth of knowledge available through Nielsen with the optimized analytical functionality gained from using AnswerRocket, customers are able to augment and accelerate their path to implementing industry-leading strategy.

Understand Your Performance and Maximize Your Potential With AnswerRocket & Nielsen

Brand Health

Pull in Nielsen data and use machine learning to assess your brand's performance and learn about key drivers to the health of your brand. Value, volume, penetration, RPI, brand equity, and more are evaluated to determine where you are having success and where your brand may be struggling.

Competitor Research

Use Nielsen syndicated data to ask AnswerRocket about your competition in a particular market and get a detailed analysis in seconds that evaluates your brand against others with regards to market share, market share growth, and market size.

Any Nielsen Data

Ask AnswerRocket about penetration and market share growth by brand and by month, or any other combination of Nielsen metrics, to get a powerful visualization in seconds. You can even do all this from your mobile device.

Why You Should Take Advantage of the Partnership

Seamless Access

There’s now a direct line to Nielsen, making your job easier and your analysis process more efficient.

Automated Research

Use AnswerRocket’s AI-powered analytics platform to automate your research and analysis of syndicated Nielsen data.

Fast Answers

AnswerRocket’s platform can make sense of the Nielsen data and get you the answers to your questions in seconds.

Industry-Leading Expertise

By working with Nielsen, a leader in consumer insights, we can tap into their expertise to help you maximize your analytics potential.

Ready to Learn More?

Request a demo to learn about how the partnership between Nielsen and AnswerRocket can help you make your data analytics process more instant, insightful, and actionable.