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Business Analysis Made Simple

AnswerRocket leverages AI and machine learning techniques to automate the hard work of business analysis, empowering teams to generate business intelligence and advanced analysis in seconds.
Run descriptive analytics microscope.

Run descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analysis on the fly

Calendar to show that there are no more waiting days or weeks for reports.

No more waiting days or weeks for reports

Automate entire analytics workflows with RocketBots.

Automate entire analytics workflows with RocketBots

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Ask Questions in Plain English

AnswerRocket’s conversational search makes it easy for everyone to explore data using natural language. Enjoy safe, secure access to all the data you need in one simple interface.
Building blocks to demonstrate that there's no need to build queries or string together keywords.

No need to build queries or string together keywords

AnswerRocket has type or voice search.

Simply type or speak your question in your own words

AnswerRocket is accessible anywhere.

Ask questions anywhere, anytime via web

Create Interactive Visualizations & Dashboards

With a push of a button, AnswerRocket produces answers in the form of optimized, interactive visualizations. As you generate answers, AnswerRocket automatically builds dashboards for you.
Visualizations and Dashboards Icon

Customize and share visualizations with ease

AI Learns Design Preferences

AI learns your design preferences over time

AnswerRocket has drill down capabilities.

Easily drill down for additional analysis

Create Interactive Visualizations & Dashboards

Uncover Actionable Insights

Remove the guesswork from interpreting data and analysis. Using Natural Language Generation (NLG),  AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform dynamically composes narratives to explain analysis and surface insights you might otherwise miss.
Insights and Reports Come to You

No more hunting for insights in reports

AI Presents Findings

AI presents the most interesting, relevant findings

Language is Tailored to Your Company

Tailor language to match your company’s way of talking

Insights Generated


Highlights key takeaways from the analysis


Surfaces any notable trends in the data


Predicts performance for the next period


Identifies observed increases or declines in the data


Calls out data points that differ significantly from other observations


Highlights associations or connections between dimensions


Presents the compound annual growth rate

YoY Comparison

Compares against the same period last year

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