AnswerRocket is the AI-Powered Solution for Analytics

AnswerRocket is the AI-Powered Solution for Analytics

Meet AnswerRocket

AnswerRocket’s AI-Powered platform combines machine learning with natural language generation to answer your key business questions.

The AnswerRocket Difference

Built for the business user.

That means it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any technical training.

Flexibility in your data storage.

Keep your data in place: cloud, on-prem, or hybrid. Connect in a multitude of ways.

Enterprise class software.

AnswerRocket helps some of the largest brands get better insights every day.

Changes the way work gets done.

When answers are seconds away, companies make smarter, faster decisions.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

AnswerRocket enables your team to drop knee-jerk reactions and the pressure to play catch-up. When your team is empowered to ask questions about your data, you can approach performance problems and growth opportunities alike with better, more comprehensive information that’s available at your fingertips.

Get your questions answered quickly without sacrificing the in-depth analysis you need. Put your time and energy toward building a business strategy that impacts your bottom line.

Complex Data Made Simple

AnswerRocket analyzes complex data with industry-leading technology while keeping the interface simple. We’ve combined technical prowess with a user-friendly, intuitive search so that business people can get answers to critical questions — without the wait.

AnswerRocket packs power for data analysts who want to deep-dive while remaining accessible to business people who need fast answers every day.

IQ Boosters: Smarter Data Discovery Through Augmented Analytics

IQ Boosters: Smarter Data Discovery

Through Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics combines the power of machine learning and natural language generation to automate time-consuming analysis. AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform can answer the same simple questions as traditional business intelligence tools plus more complex “why” and “how” questions.

Why are sales climbing
in the Northeast?

AnswerRocket’s IQ Boosters explore the relationships between your data to find the answer to tough, more open-ended questions in seconds. You’ll receive a full diagnosis of the variables impacting your answer.

How can I increase market share
over the next year?

Our IQ Boosters can evaluate hundreds of thousands of metric combinations within seconds to pinpoint the most promising growth opportunities that can drive your business forward.

Incredible Insights from Your Data

Not every insight will be immediately apparent from your data visualizations. That’s why AnswerRocket provides an AI-generated, in-depth analysis to pinpoint your data’s trends and growth opportunities.

When you ask a question, our IQ Boosters help you assess the answer from every possible angle. Build your business strategy from the most comprehensive information possible.

Access AnswerRocket Anytime, Anywhere

Our mobile-responsive, cloud-based platform works across any operating system and device type for convenient access on demand. The AnswerRocket mobile app is also available on the App Store and is designed to give users what they need most: fast answers to their most pressing questions.

Plus, with voice recognition, you can ask questions naturally. There’s no need to type while you’re on the go, just talk to AnswerRocket directly.

Additionally, using our notification system, you can be sure to be alerted of any key updates and changes to relevant data and performance in real-time.

You can build dashboards in seconds with AnswerRocket.

Build Dashboards in Seconds

Our dashboards are agile, customizable, and self-service. Asking questions automatically builds a dashboard, so your team can independently create an overview of answers, follow-ups, and drill-downs into your data.

Edit and share dashboards with ease.  Convert dashboards into presentations for key stakeholders without leaving AnswerRocket’s platform. You can publish and share progress and projects across your team with just a few clicks, all thanks to AnswerRocket’s easy-to-use collaboration features.

No middleman, no waiting.

Let’s Get Technical

No Appliance Required

AnswerRocket is flexible when it comes to hosting your data. Keep it on-site or in the cloud— either way, your data will be accurate and up-to-date. AnswerRocket’s design is agile and adaptable; we’ll grow with your business and your technology, and our future-proof architecture can accommodate rapid technical advancements.

Natural Language vs. Keyword

Most business intelligence tools use keyword-based search instead of natural language. Keyword search is stilted, forcing business people to break their workflows and reformat their thoughts into robot-speak. AnswerRocket’s natural language search streamlines the process of asking questions and follow-ups.

Advanced Extensibility

AnswerRocket offers open extensibility, meaning your tech team can build out whatever additions you’ll need. Create calculations without affecting your data model and write your own IQ Boosters. We’ll show you exactly how AnswerRocket translates and interprets your data, so that you can configure changes that suit your business needs.

Ready to learn more?

With AnswerRocket, we can have you up and running in just a few weeks or months. To learn how
AnswerRocket can immediately bring value to your business, request a demo.