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Why Data Science Now?

Outdated analytics tools can’t handle COVID-19 uncertainty and the growing, complex data of modern businesses. Data science bridges the gap between business problems and the decision-making power of your data. 

Data Access
Database tools enable ad-hoc access to data.

Reports and Dashboards
Business intelligence tools generate repetitive dashboards and reports.

Self-Service Analytics
Modern platforms perform complex metric calculations and generate conditional insights and visualizations.

Outcomes-Based Data Science
Augmented analytics and data science tools model data to solve business problems, automate analysis, and generate proactive insights.

Data Science Models Can:

Determine Root Cause

Identify Opportunities

Make Predictions

Evaluate “What If” Scenarios

Spot Anomalies

Make Recommendations

Data Science That Works for You

By synthesizing data with a deep understanding of your business, AnswerRocket leverages data science techniques and services to solve problems and drive critical outcomes.

How We Help You

We work with your data science team, or bring the data science team to you. RocketScience is our professional services solution, giving you access to our data science team for custom support.

Operationalize Your Existing Models

Publish your existing models to business users

  • Evaluate existing models
  • Optimize and debug models
  • Tune models for improved accuracy
  • Design output for end users
  • Integrate into analytics tools for self-service

RocketScience: Our Team Builds Models For You

Enlist our data scientists to develop purpose-built models

  • Identify key analytics questions
  • Develop, train, test, deploy new machine learning models
  • Tune machine learning models
  • Design output for end users
  • Integrate into analytics tools for self-service

Access Our Pre-Built ML Skills & Bots

Accelerate your analytics journey with the AnswerRocket platform

  • Run advanced analysis using our out-of-the-box analytical capabilities
  • Create your own advanced analytics workflows
  • Enable business users to explore, visualize, and present data with ease

Operationalize Models With AnswerRocket

AnswerRocket’s self-service analytics can put data science models directly into the hands of the business users who most need them.

How AnswerRocket Streamlines Your Workflow

Complements your data science tech stack

Enables you to operationalize your models

Allows teams to run models automatically or on demand

Generates interactive visualizations and insights

How We Work With You

Data Science Methods and Technology

AnswerRocket integrates with critical platforms and tools.

Statistical Methods

  • Descriptive statistics
  • ARMA
  • Bayesian Inference

ML Libraries & Frameworks

  • Supervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Neural networks, including deep learning

Customer Stories

“What If” Analysis to Determine Impact of Covid Stimulus Checks on Sales

  • One of the top snacks companies in the world with $26B in annual revenue
  • Products sold in 150+ countries
  • 80,000 employees

See the Case Study

The Problem
The customer’s sophisticated forecasting system failed to predict extraordinary demand created by fiscal stimulus at the local level.

The Solution
Working with AnswerRocket, the customer built a scenario modeling tool that would learn from 2020 and adapt to 2021 as the year evolves.

The Results
The customer identified hundreds of millions of dollars of opportunity that could be met, instead of disappointing their customers with empty shelves.

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