The modern marketer’s challenge.

The data available to marketers has never been greater, and it’s growing everyday. You can no longer afford to wait for the answers you need to optimize marketing spend and outsmart the competition.

The solution.

AnswerRocket is a business intelligence and analytics platform for business users. We’ve taken our cues from consumer software like Google® and Siri® to make data immediately accessible, the same way you surf the web or interact with your smartphone. Using AnswerRocket gives marketers actionable insights. Fast.

Opportunity Analysis

Grow revenue by studying customer cohorts and patterns.

Churn Analytics

Save at-risk customers by finding changes in their purchase tendencies.

Attribution Studies

Identify which channels are most profitable, and which need more focus.

Customer Journey

Understand your users’ tendencies in your omnichannel experience.

Actionable insights, measurable results. Use AnswerRocket to better understand your business, and get an ROI within weeks.

Solutions by Role

To do your job well, you must optimize marketing spend. Your organization needs to understand your customers’ behavior, to capitalize on opportunities and head off churn.

All of this requires immediate access to your data. You can’t afford to wait days or weeks for your analytics request to get fulfilled by technical specialists. With the right data and a simple user experience, you can quickly learn which channels are attracting and retaining customers.

That’s where AnswerRocket comes in. Give your teams direct access to their data – and see how quickly they return with insights and data-driven ideas to grow the business.

As far as you’re concerned, your products are the best. And maybe your sales are already good – but can you pinpoint ways to make them great?

AnswerRocket peels back the covers of your business. Going beyond averages, allowing you to see product sales by any demographic and permutation. Find those customers who often buy one of your products but haven’t yet purchased one of your newer offerings. Draw correlations between buying frequency and churn risk. All without knowing how to write a single line of SQL.

AnswerRocket can handle your toughest questions, allowing you to make business decisions – quickly enough to give you a competitive advantage.

At the intersection of the brand and distribution is Consumer Insights. Part sociologist, part behavioral scientist  – but definitely data-dependent.

You need to explore multiple metrics to understand trends and opportunities that aren’t immediately obvious in your current reporting. Evaluate your company’s performance using the 4Ps – price, product, promotion, and place. Study the market by integrating point-of-sale data with syndicated data.

Learn more about how AnswerRocket can help by watching our webinar, How CPGs Can Use AI to Find Growth.

What makes digital marketing so exciting is how much data you have available. What makes it frustrating is how many different datasets you have, each growing by the day, each disconnected from the other.

AnswerRocket lets you ask questions across all of your data, quickly and seamlessly. Ask a question and get visualizations that bring together your digital traffic and advertising campaigns. Once you have an end-to-end view of your visitors, then you can build personalized experiences to delight them.

As one example, watch our brief video to see Sitecore in action with AnswerRocket.

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Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.