The sales scorecard is just the beginning.

Sales teams are inherently metrics driven: Have we reached our monthly sales quota? How is our region performing compared to other regions?

For every answer, there’s a follow-up question.

AnswerRocket gives you a much deeper level of analytics. Which deals have been lost in areas that are considered a strength? Which opportunities moved down in the funnel vs. back up to earlier stages? Are certain markets struggling against a certain competitor?

AnswerRocket’s Search-Powered Analytics™ makes it easy for you to ask question after question until you uncover the insights that help you drive deals to a successful close.

Sales Pipeline Analytics

Track your leads, selling stages, average time to close, and more.

Win-Loss Analysis

Improve sales by learning why accounts were lost.

Opportunity Studies

Grow revenue by studying customer cohorts and patterns.

Performance Metrics

Share progress on key performance indicators with your entire salesforce.

AnswerRocket helps you grow your business by helping you better understand your customer base and sales process.

Solutions by Role

You’re always looking for ways to shorten your sales cycles while growing revenue. You’re also paid to predict the future. And when you have a hypothesis about how to improve your business, you don’t have days or weeks to wait for analytics.

With AnswerRocket, get your answers as quickly as you can type the question. Your team’s productivity will soar, spending more time selling strategically.

Dashboards and scorecards are vital for tracking sales performance. Unfortunately, these are usually built based on targets and business requirements set months ago. When the business needs to pivot quickly – and it will – you need to quickly set up new analytics.

Creating new dashboards in AnswerRocket only takes a few minutes. Just ask a question and save the resulting chart to your dashboard. Ask another question, add another chart. You can refresh the data in all of your charts with a single click.

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Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.

Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.