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Why choose AnswerRocket over the competition?

  • You get actionable, insightful answers in seconds that go beyond your question by identifying outliers, trends, and other key information.
  • You can ask questions in plain English sentences, getting data, visualizations and insights by asking AnswerRocket like you would ask a human.
  • You can use your existing data platform. No additional purchases or cumbersome data transfer needed.

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How AnswerRocket Will Work For You

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1. Start by asking a question in plain English.

2. View your answer as a data visualization, and customize your chart type and setup as you’d like.

3. Check out the automatically generated insights — quick digests of trends or anomalies that might not be obvious from the chart by itself.

4. Save your series of questions as a dashboard that you can modify at any time.

5. Drill down into your data and leverage AI and machine learning to answer your more complex questions and perform advanced analytics in seconds.

What’s next?

See how to make your data analytics process instant, insightful, and actionable.