The Cure for Data Dysfunction

See how fast AnswerRocket can enable your team to make better, data-driven decisions.

Identifying the Problem

At many companies, the approach to business intelligence and analytics is inefficient and unscalable. Worse, most people don’t recognize that this is a problem. Even fewer realize that there’s a simple solution.

Check Your Symptoms

Mark which of these statements apply to you and your organization:




Total Symptoms:

Total symptoms identified:

Congratulations! You’re likely not suffering from data dysfunction. Your team is productive and your business stakeholders are happy. You probably already have a data structure and analytics tool that are delivering valuable insights.

Total symptoms identified:

Your company is at risk for data dysfunction. In fact, data dysfunction may already exist. Take the symptoms checklist to your team and business partners. They may help you identify a latent case of data dysfunction within your organization. If that’s the case, we can offer treatment.

Total symptoms identified:
5 or more

Your company has data dysfunction. But don't despair - we have a cure that will alleviate process bottlenecks and provide robust analytics faster.

Begin Treatment Now

AnswerRocket provides self-service analytics that is easy to use and powerful. Business users can compile their own reports and dashboards by simply asking natural language questions. What takes days using traditional BI solutions can display within seconds using AnswerRocket.

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Adam Levy of SnapAV
“We quickly developed habits of looking at things more often and 
from more angles. AnswerRocket’s speed and easy access to data was a game changer.”Adam Levy, President of SnapAV
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