Watch Unilever Executive Stan Sthanunathan Talk AI

By Pete Reilly

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Few companies are better poised than Unilever to administer industry-changing solutions in their analytics process.

That’s why we were thrilled to chat with EVP Stan Sthanunathan about his new book, AI for Marketing and Product Innovation. Stan’s book details the advantages of AI and how it can automate tasks for business people.

Big picture? Stan discusses how AI advances customer relations, enables product innovation, and ultimately leads to more sales.

According to Stan:

“I think we need to redefine the role of marketers and insights professionals to people who inspire ideas for big growth. That should be the role, not fancy reports that have no life in them.”

For Stan, AI isn’t just about automating tasks to free up time for marketers, but about leveraging machines to complete the computational tasks they’re designed for so that people can leverage the skills that are truly human — setting out a business strategy to reach consumers.

If this short snippet has piqued your interest, then we think you’ll love the complete footage. You can watch our chat with Stan on-demand now by pressing “play” on the video at the top of this post.

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